Plenty of Country

…but not enough crime. I have been reading anything but. The day job has involved wall-to-wall statistics – anyone else know that Public Health England publish stats on dengue fever in England? Me either.

I’ve had a brief holiday on Holy Island, with a visit to Barter Books in Alnwick. The country crime haul threw up an oddity, Martyn Bedford’s “The Black Cat”, set in the West Country, where the murder happens right at the end of the book. Excellently written, but still not sure it should have been shelved in the crime section.

It’s time to pull up my crime-reading socks, so I’m off to Harrogate tomorrow for the Theakston’s Crime Festival – just the one day. I don’t come down out of the hills very often, and my system won’t stand very much city life. A day amongst the heady delights of Harrogate will last me all winter. Hope to find some good new country crime tomorrow.


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