A Challenge

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Much of my reading over the last year may have seemed a little random – and that’s because it was.  I have a very low book-buying budget, which means that the local library, relatives and friends provided a percentage of last year’s country crime fiction. For 2018, it would be great if there were some kind of unifying principle, a theme – or wait, how about this challenge over at My Reader’s Block? At least six Golden Age (up to 1960) and/or Silver Age (generously up to 1989) books is the minimum requirement.  I can manage that, but don’t want to limit myself too stringently to vintage fiction when there are so many new authors to discover as well.

There we go, that’s a plan for 2018 – it’s certainly a great deal more planned than 2017’s reading was. (I would also like to mention that I’m reading non-rural crime fiction as well, but for the purposes of this blog, only the rural variety counts. The above challenge is going to have to stick to that rule.

Merry Christmas, and a happy reading holiday to one and all.


4 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I like your idea very much. And the challenge sounds both enjoyable and do-able. I’ll look forward to hearing how you do. In the meantime, all the best for the holiday season and always!

    1. CountryCrime Post author

      Hope you have a wonderful festive season, Margot, and that 2018 brings you even more great reading! I’ve really appreciated all the knowledgeable comparisons you’ve made this year.

  2. Bev Hankins

    I’m so glad you’re joining me! Sorry to come round so late–it’s been a busy end of 2017/beginning of 2017. Hope your new year of reading is off to a good start!

    1. CountryCrime Post author

      One down so far, “Death and the Dancing Footman”, which fits into more than one category of the challenge, and I’m hesitating over which one to pick – think it may end up being with “a man or woman in the title”. Thanks for setting such a great challenge!


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