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White Sky, Black Ice


A long way away this week, to Chukchi in Alaska, a remote settlement and State Trooper Nathan Active, an Inupiak brought up by white foster parents. When Nathan is called to the scene of an out-of-doors suicide, there is something that looks wrong to him. A few days later, an experienced hunter dies in the same way. Is there a connection with the nearby mining company, the largest employer in the region? In this, the first of a series, Nathan learns that he can trust no one.

This is a wonderful introduction by Stan Jones to an area most of us will never visit, with the locals explaining to Nathan the nuances of his own culture that he would not have learned with his foster parents, and the local history that he’s missed out on. He is operating in a hostile environment in multiple senses of the word, yet at the same time he has come home. A well-paced mystery, and a window on a strange world.